Reunion: Heritage Fuel

In today’s busy and hectic world getting together with family is harder than ever before.  But it is no less an important venue.  Time marches on and obeys only it’s Maker.  We do not control time, but we have total control over how we use the allotment we are given. Thus, it is imperative that we make good use of it while we can.

Reunions are those events that allow family and friends to gather, in one place, to reunite and share live stories.  The reunion is the place where the younger generation is proctored in such things as family history, stories  – true and otherwise – and to see, first-hand, just how the Family Unit functions when its various pieces are in one place.

None of us come from perfect families.  So we’ll never know a perfect reunion.  But this is no reason to not have one.  In fact, it’s the very reason we NEED reunions.  They teach of our strengths and our weaknesses.  Knowing these vital elements of ourselves, makes us stronger; individually and collectively.

So take time this year to plan a ‘fueling’ of your Family Heritage.  Plan a reunion.  Attend that reunion.  And like most families there are two-sides to every story… meaning, a marriage brings in two or more families that require reunions.  Don’t leave anyone out.  Because every part makes up the whole picture.  Children will be left clueless as to dynamics that may have dealt them a difficult hand, without a full accounting for their, and their families’, past.

As for me and my family, the past year has been one of excitement, happiness and sadness.  I regained a brother, acquired a grandson and lost an uncle in my wife’s family.  My brother and I are orphans now since our parents are both deceased.  As well, both of our grandparents are gone.  Most of our aunts and uncles are also gone.  So, our ‘reuniting’ was an especially happy occasion.   In a couple of months our family will add another new member as my brother’s youngest son and his wife will have a baby.

Time continues to march forward.  If we pick up our packs and march with it, gleaning daily all that we can from it and giving in return to the wealth we have been blessed, we will enjoy the time we have – and have left.  Oh, there are always regrets in life, but one of them need not be the regret of letting time get by with reuniting with Family.

This is on thing that is completely in our control.



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