Heritagekeeper Opens on Word Press

Following the fashion of this blogger, I’ve opened another Blog. This one makes my 15th Blog in development. Now I have to begin adding material that makes the blog worth coming to. However, I don’t believe this will be problem for this blog.

The theme of this blog is HERITAGE and I am the Heritagekeeper. This topic is far older than I am – but I have arrived at an age where I am beginning to truly understand the importance of this term. The job of the Heritagekeeper is just that – a ‘keeper’ of the Heritage. What the Heritage is depends on the subject, local, and those involved.

All actions involving the human race pass on as various elements of Heritage. That is what Heritage is about: the accumulative knowledge of how to live life sustainably generation-to-generation. The beneficial elements are passed on to add to the collective knowledge of life. Those elements that do not benefit are passed on as well, but as warnings in the hope they will be avoided. This does not always work as planned and repitition of previous troubles are once again repeated. This is why philosopher, George Santayana said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.

Heritage covers all aspects of the human trace through time. Therefore it is vital that the Heritagekeepers remain vigilant in seeing that all knowledge and the collective wisdom of Heritage is passed on from one generation to the next.

More will be forthcoming in the next few days as this is just a starter commentary.

The Heritagekeeper

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  1. mindsongbooks on

    Hi, Les,
    Surely I’m not the first to reply to this post! However, I will add my 2 cents worth. Being your aunt and a tad older, I have even more sense of history. Shucks, I AM history! I do know the background of the farm we live on. From your grandparents through your parents and up to us. We bought this place from your Grandad in the early 70s, then added on to the orginal home in 74. Andrew Jackson’s name is on the deed. How’s that for history?
    Now, since you have provided me with a place to speak, I find most of my blogs deal with the past and just a little with the future. In fact, today I’m going to talk about the strawberry shortcakes my mother used to make. Remember those? And how about the fried chicken no one could prepare like your mother?
    Heritage is passed down in families through ‘Family Stories” told at reunions and celebrations when the aunts, uncles and cousins sit around and laugh about things that happened in the past. Sadly, television has taken the place of conversation in homes today and families spread out over the nation seldom come together. Perhaps the blog will help in that regard. Perhaps we should have one for FAMILY STORIES where people can share them with us all.
    Good checking in, Les.
    Auntie D.

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