Reunion: Heritage Fuel

In today’s busy and hectic world getting together with family is harder than ever before.  But it is no less an important venue.  Time marches on and obeys only it’s Maker.  We do not control time, but we have total control over how we use the allotment we are given. Thus, it is imperative that we make good use of it while we can.

Reunions are those events that allow family and friends to gather, in one place, to reunite and share live stories.  The reunion is the place where the younger generation is proctored in such things as family history, stories  – true and otherwise – and to see, first-hand, just how the Family Unit functions when its various pieces are in one place.

None of us come from perfect families.  So we’ll never know a perfect reunion.  But this is no reason to not have one.  In fact, it’s the very reason we NEED reunions.  They teach of our strengths and our weaknesses.  Knowing these vital elements of ourselves, makes us stronger; individually and collectively.

So take time this year to plan a ‘fueling’ of your Family Heritage.  Plan a reunion.  Attend that reunion.  And like most families there are two-sides to every story… meaning, a marriage brings in two or more families that require reunions.  Don’t leave anyone out.  Because every part makes up the whole picture.  Children will be left clueless as to dynamics that may have dealt them a difficult hand, without a full accounting for their, and their families’, past.

As for me and my family, the past year has been one of excitement, happiness and sadness.  I regained a brother, acquired a grandson and lost an uncle in my wife’s family.  My brother and I are orphans now since our parents are both deceased.  As well, both of our grandparents are gone.  Most of our aunts and uncles are also gone.  So, our ‘reuniting’ was an especially happy occasion.   In a couple of months our family will add another new member as my brother’s youngest son and his wife will have a baby.

Time continues to march forward.  If we pick up our packs and march with it, gleaning daily all that we can from it and giving in return to the wealth we have been blessed, we will enjoy the time we have – and have left.  Oh, there are always regrets in life, but one of them need not be the regret of letting time get by with reuniting with Family.

This is on thing that is completely in our control.



Connections …

“Who are you?”

Now, before you begin formulating an answer, give that question some time to run loose amid your neuronic synapses. Just let it run for a while — free-reign — letting it muster it’s own steam and scratching away its own path.

While it’s doing that – think about this:

“Can you tell anyone else the names of your great-great grand parents, where they were born, the names of their parents and their off-spring?”

If you cannot do this – do you really think that cut-loose-messenger, running amuck through your brain -desperately searching for the information on Who You Are – will be able to gather the truth about YOU?

OK. So we’re slumping a bit in our chair now. Go ahead, lift yourself back up and wrap your grey matter around this one.

“What do you know about the piece of land you live on right now? Yes, no matter where it is – or what it is. Whether you own it or not, can you tell another person the history – any history – even if it’s only 10 years old – about that piece of land?”

Hmm. 0 for 2 are we? Ah, I see, not everyone is in a state of ‘heritage shock’.

There’s are a small nugget forming in the far corner, who will attempt to expatiate – at least in part- the aging components forming the history of where they currently reside.

Those of you among that special group may well, also, harbor an informed sense of your own personal heritage.

To those of you who possess such rare treasures, we uncover our heads, bow low toward you in admiration and beseech of you only one thing:

“Pray tell us, How do you know these treasures? Can we too, acquire treasures of our past? ”

Please share with us your hopes, dreams – and yes, even fears, of connecting with your past. As well, if you have tips and details on how you have connected, directed or reconciled with the connections to your past – please, pass them on as well.

Soon, I will post the first in a series of Heritage Quotient Surveys. I will use the results of these surveys to direct my posts in this series on Heritage and Heritagekeepers and to build a better understanding of our collective Heritage Quotient (HQ) .

Thanks to all for your response and support and really look forward to your responses.

Alright, the Comment Lines are now open. I believe there will be a number of folks who will be anxious to see and hear how this topic progresses over the next few hours and days. None the least of which .. is ME!!

The Heritagekeeper

Heritagekeeper Opens on Word Press

Following the fashion of this blogger, I’ve opened another Blog. This one makes my 15th Blog in development. Now I have to begin adding material that makes the blog worth coming to. However, I don’t believe this will be problem for this blog.

The theme of this blog is HERITAGE and I am the Heritagekeeper. This topic is far older than I am – but I have arrived at an age where I am beginning to truly understand the importance of this term. The job of the Heritagekeeper is just that – a ‘keeper’ of the Heritage. What the Heritage is depends on the subject, local, and those involved.

All actions involving the human race pass on as various elements of Heritage. That is what Heritage is about: the accumulative knowledge of how to live life sustainably generation-to-generation. The beneficial elements are passed on to add to the collective knowledge of life. Those elements that do not benefit are passed on as well, but as warnings in the hope they will be avoided. This does not always work as planned and repitition of previous troubles are once again repeated. This is why philosopher, George Santayana said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.

Heritage covers all aspects of the human trace through time. Therefore it is vital that the Heritagekeepers remain vigilant in seeing that all knowledge and the collective wisdom of Heritage is passed on from one generation to the next.

More will be forthcoming in the next few days as this is just a starter commentary.

The Heritagekeeper